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Pet friendly concrete flooring options for your home

November 7, 2022

When you’re choosing flooring for your home, one consideration that you shouldn’t overlook is making it pet-friendly. Our furry friends can be tough on floors. With all the scratching, shedding, spilling, and even the occasional peeing or pooping, you’d want a floor that’s easy to clean and can withstand wear and tear.
While your fur family would probably love the softness and warmth of carpets, carpets can be very difficult to maintain with pets around. Spills are hard to dry for carpeted floors, and fur sheddings, dust, and dirt can get deeply stuck in carpet flooring. Even worse, the warmth of carpets makes for a great habitat for pests like fleas and mites that your dog might be taking home. With a furry pet around, a carpeted floor will be especially bad for people with allergies.

Hardwoods are an absolute no-no, too. Although they can increase your home’s resale value, your pet’s nails can damage and scratch wood floors and diminish its beauty really quickly. Hardwood floors don’t perform well against moisture and spills, too. If you’re not able to spot and clean spills that your pets make right away, then you’re just going to damage and destroy your expensive hardwood floor over time.

If you’re looking for a material that’s easy to maintain with pets around, concrete floors are one of the best choices for pet owners. Not only is concrete highly durable, but it is water-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, odour-resistant, and is easy peasy to clean. If you have a pet, pets, or are planning to get one, here are pet-friendly concrete flooring options for your home.

#1 – Concrete Tile Flooring

Concrete tiles are one of the best choices of flooring for pet owners. Tiles have all the benefits of your concrete flooring, are easy to install, and will last years with minimal maintenance. There are great looking concrete tiles for every budget, too, so there’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics.

Perhaps the only con to tiles, and concrete in general, is that they can be hard and cold for your pet, especially in the winter. The easy remedy to this is to get your dog or cat a bed or rug to hang out in instead.

#2 – Polished Concrete

Similar to tiles, polished concrete is a great option if you want a floor that’s easy to maintain. Polished concrete flooring is stain and odour-resistant, and it doesn’t have nooks and crannies that can harbour fleas or mites. They also have the added benefit of improving the lighting and overall ambience of a space so they can look even classier than tile flooring. Polished concrete floors make a great asset to increase a home’s resale value. 

#3 – Stained Concrete

Concrete tends to look industrial, so staining concrete is a common technique to add some warmth to your home. Stained concrete maintains the durability, water-resistance, and stain-resistance of regular concrete so they’re still very much pet-friendly. You can choose either an acid or water-based stain for your concrete floor to give it new life and make it resemble other kinds of flooring like marble or wood.

#4 – Acrylic Concrete

Compared to other flooring materials, concrete is already pretty water-resistant on its own. However, an acrylic sealer can provide an extra layer of water resistance to your concrete floors to make them even more pet-friendly. If you want to own the industrial vibe of concrete, acrylic sealed concrete can come in a variety of sheen and finishes that look absolutely gorgeous. However, a con is that they do need to be maintained with regular waxing to hide scratch marks.

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