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How much does concrete sealing cost in Melbourne?

November 7, 2022

To get the most out of your concrete, it needs to be properly sealed. Concrete sealing is a protective barrier on the surface of the concrete. This helps the concrete last longer and makes it easier to clean. For new concrete, you’ll have to wait a month or so until applying the sealer.

The cost of concrete sealing is a function of the type of concrete, what type of sealant you use, and whether or not you are using a contractor to complete the sealing. While costs can vary depending on the job, concrete sealing cost typically ranges between $25-35 per square metre inclusive of the two coats and the labour cost. This is only where no other preparation work is necessary.

What are the steps of concrete sealing?

There are four basic steps to concrete sealing:

Pick out your sealant (often acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, or siloxane).

Clean the floors thoroughly (sweep, wash using concrete cleaner, rinse with a hose, and let dry for 24 hours).

Fill in any noticeable cracks (you can use a concrete repair caulk for this). 

Apply the concrete sealant (open windows, apply with a  nine-inch roller, leave dry, and  repeat a second time).

This is a simplified summary of the process, and the chemicals used can be toxic if not handled properly. For high-quality concrete sealing, it’s best to work with a professional service. Depending on the type of sealant, you will need to reapply it periodically.

Is concrete sealing worth it?

Concrete sealing increases the longevity of your concrete and makes it easier to clean. It also makes it look better. If you don’t seal your concrete, it will allow water through it. This water could seep down to other floors or cause damage in other areas. With time, a tiny crack in concrete will grow bigger. This will lead to insects, moisture, and far more problems down the line.

All things considered, it’s easier to simply seal the concrete. You can’t afford not to do it. Moreover, epoxy sealer can last up to 30 years and is much cheaper than tiles. The main drawback with sealed concrete is that you will need to reseal it every one or two years, depending on the level of foot traffic.

Contributing cost factors for concrete sealing

The total cost of concrete sealing is affected by:

Whether or not concrete preparation services are needed

Whether you are cleaning the floor yourself or not

Whether you are doing the sealing yourself or hiring a contractor 

What kind of sealer you are using 

The type of finish you are looking for 

The total surface area to be treated

The quality and expertise of the concrete sealing contractor 

The most common type of concrete sealer used in Australia is epoxy resin, and its popularity is increasing. You’ll get more value for money with this sealer when you seal larger surfaces.

The reality is that many jobs will require preparation work in the form of diamond concrete grinding. You can expect to pay in the region of $60-100 per square metre in total for getting the right finish on your concrete surface including preparation. But if you have new concrete that is in perfect condition, then the sealant is all you need, and the cost will be greatly reduced.

How much should I expect to pay for concrete sealing in Melbourne?

You will pay between $25-35 per square metre for concrete sealing in Melbourne. This is for sealing alone, which is rarely the case. You will pay $100 and above when you take into account some of the associated concrete services such as grinding and polishing. The concrete will likely need a pressure clean beforehand. Your best bet is to contact local suppliers for more precise quotes, for your unique situation.

It’s only when you actually understand what you need that you can look at accurate pricing mechanisms. And, in many instances, you won’t know what you need until you contact a specialist for more precise information.

The following table should give you an indication of the concrete sealing costs in Melbourne. It includes both sealing material (2 coats) and labour, but not other work such as grinding and polishing. The concrete has to be cleaned before the sealant can be applied.

ServiceLow (per square metre)High (per square metre)
Concrete Sealer Material$25 $35
Concrete Sealer Material (Colour)$35$45
Concrete Cleaning$4 $8

How much does it cost to seal a concrete driveway?

Typically, the cost of sealing a driveway will be the same as the cost of sealing most other types of concrete. You can still expect to pay $25 – $35 per square metre for sealing alone. For a complete concreting service you will pay $100 per square metre and above. Of course, the difference is that you will likely have to seal your concrete driveway every 2 – 4 years, so it is something of a recurring cost.

There are also specialised sealers that might cost more, but can really make your driveway look amazing. If repairs are needed, this will add to the cost. The concrete will likely be pressure cleaned before sealing, but most concrete companies will have hydro jets to take care of it.

How much does stamped concrete sealer cost?

Stamped concrete sealer will cost the same as other types of concrete sealer. It is not different in this regard. You are still adding a sealer to the concrete. Stamped concrete itself costs a lot more than regular concrete, and you will pay around $75 per square metre.

Stamped concrete is simply concrete with a particular engraved design that looks great. However, it requires significant experience to do it correctly. An alternative option is concrete stencilling, which requires less experience to perform and has a similar effect.

What is concrete sealing cost per square foot?

On a square foot basis, the cost of concrete sealing is $100 – $150. Again, the exact cost of concrete sealing in Melbourne is going to depend on factors such as the type of concrete and necessary repairs. It will also depend on the type of sealant and the contractor you use to complete the service.

The good news is that if you do things correctly in terms of concrete services, then you are all set for years and decades to come. You can get away with resealing the concrete every 4 years or so, and the concrete itself will last for an extremely long time. It will look great and be resistant to all kinds of conditions.

Lowering your concrete sealing cost

The best way to lower your concrete sealing cost is to work with an established professional who knows the industry best. You will save on both time and money. Making a DIY project out of concrete sealing is not only potentially dangerous but could work out more expensive if you get it wrong.

This is just one of many reasons you will want to contact the concrete professionals at Flawless Floorz. We specialise in creating beautiful, ornate, shiny floors with the exact colour and sheen to match. We are experienced in all manner of concrete services, and our services are affordable, professional, fast, and intricate.

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