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Floor Preparation Melbourne

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Floor Preparation

Reliable Concrete Grinding

Are your floor coatings uneven, peeling, or bubbling? The average Australian takes 4,000+ steps a day, which is plenty of pressure on your floors over time. Throw in vehicle traffic, impact damage, and everyday wear and tear and it’s no wonder your concrete surfaces can look tired and old.

At Absolutely Flawless Floorz, we help you get more out of your concrete surfaces with skilled and professional floor preparation that leaves your surfaces ready for epoxy coating, a decorative concrete finish, or flake flooring solution.

While the finished epoxy or stunning decorative concrete finish is the icing on the cake, it’s the surface preparation that is the most important part of any new floor installation. It’s no exaggeration to say the life of your flooring will be dependent on the quality of the preparation. As the longevity of your floor covering comes down to the preparation of the substrate, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right first time, every time.

Proper surface preparation can save time as well as substantially minimise the possibility of coating failure & expensive re-works, so trust your Melbourne home or business to the best and call Flawless Floorz on 0450 550 649 today.

What does this type of service involve?

This is the process of preparing your existing surface in preparation for a protective coating (like acrylic or epoxy) or for further flooring.

This is an often overlooked but important process because it sustains and ensures the smooth applicability of any coating on new flooring. Without proper preparation, your coating may not last very long and the new flooring may be subject to constant chipping and bacterial accumulation.

In the long run, this can lead to damage that needs costly repairs and even pose a danger to your property.

What is the preparation process?

How would you feel about a floor coating that keeps your concrete protected against impact damage, maintaining it’s aesthetic beauty, and with decades of heavy-duty use ahead of you?

This is all possible with a range of concrete sealing and epoxy flooring solutions.

But while the end product is a robust and durable surface coating, you can’t enjoy these benefits without proper preparation, so following the right step-by-step process is crucial.

The following floor preparation steps will help you get the most out of your concrete surfaces and enjoy a sealed floor that can handle everything you throw at it (and more).

Removes imperfections and restores the surface of any floors

We’ll run a water vapour transmission check to see how much water is in your concrete slab (too much can prevent coating adherence).

Clean the floor

We’ll remove dirt, dust, and debris that can disrupt optimal adherence of your epoxy coating.

Concrete grinding

Concrete grinding is required to create a uniform, even surface for future coating application. This step is crucial in preparing your substrate for the final steps.

Patching holes (if needed)

We may patch holes and fill minor imperfections to support optimal adhesion between your future coating and your concrete.

Restoring rough concrete surfacesThe process if needed before applying the final coatIf the colour of your floor has already fadedIf your floor lacks a preparation process for a floor finish

Why should I choose Flawless Floorz?

We pride ourselves on having highly-experienced and skilled grinders who are efficiently trained to handle any kind of project. With our wealth of experience in concrete grinding, our team can provide quick solutions without compromising the quality of the work done. Whatever the size of your needs, our team has the required skills and equipment to deliver the best result. We only use high-quality tools such as diamond-impregnated machines with dust extraction systems to lessen health and safety risks.

What Are The Benefits Of This Type Of Project?

Removes imperfections and restores the surface of any floors

The grinding helps mend old and damaged floors to revert to their original state. Grinding eliminates defects, inconsistencies, irregularities, and smoothens the floor.

Eliminates old paint and dirt residue

The grinder rubs the floor’s top layer and removes dirt, epoxies, old paint, and other remnants.

Gives your floor extra protection

Your floor gets additional protection as the surface becomes rigid and hard.

Prepares your floor for any alternative floor finish

This process doesn't require toxic adhesives, cleaners, or coatings.


The grinding only uses non-hazardous chemical coatings, adhesives, or cleaners in maintaining the floors. This makes it an eco-friendly solution.

Aesthetic Appeal

The grinding offers a classy aesthetic similar to granite or marble as it brings out the concrete’s natural beauty. This look can be preserved through the year with zero to low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect the cost in Melbourne?
Floor size

The economies of scale dictate that the larger the floor size, the less you will pay. A small floor project, which is less than 5,000 square metres, will require a higher payment per square metre.

Complexity of design

Intricate projects entail a higher cost because an installer would invest more time in the job. One of these saw cutting, stencilling, and installing metal divider strips.

Floor condition

Grinding a floor that requires special preparation increases the cost per square metre. An example of this will be if the floor has numerous patches. Smoother floors do not cost as much as crack repairs, which can incur an additional $43 per square metre.

Above-grade installation

If you need to install a waterproof layer, a concrete overlay, and finish before applying a sealing coat, you will pay for additional costs.

What is the best way to grind down the surface?

The dry and wet methods are used to grind down the floor. Water is needed to cool the diamond grits and clean the formed dust in the wet method. Water lubricates, reduces friction, and increases the longevity of grinding equipment, such as the disks, which can melt because of high temperature. The dry method uses a tool that retains dust within a cover to have a clean area. The best way is to combine both the dry and wet methods. Dry grinding can be used initially and finished off with wet grinding.

How can I grind the floor without dust?

There are different grinding methods and protect them from airborne silica dust. These methods involve wet cutting and HEPA vacuum and exhaust ventilation systems. These systems help in reducing dust accumulation.

Wet cutting
This method removes silica dust from becoming airborne and tops the scale in the best dust control methods in cutting. A wet-cutting port or a portable water tank or cart should be attached to saws and grinding equipment. This method is also known as water spraying.

HEPA Vacuum and Exhaust Ventilation Systems
Industrial vacuums and exhaust ventilation systems should be used when it is impossible to remove dust at the source. These systems suck dust the moment it forms and is helpful during clean-up of the job site. These vacuum systems should be attached with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that does not allow the escape of collected dust from the system.

What factors affect the cost in Melbourne?

There are different steps when it comes to cleaning:

Step 1

You need to wear a dust respirator. It is unsafe for you to inhale dust particles; thus, you need to protect yourself by wearing a dust respirator.

Step 2

Use a broom or brush to remove dust from the surface. Use a damp towel to get rid of the dust on the wall or on the surface. You can use a vacuum cleaner if there is a very large area.

Step 3

Prepare the right proportions of the dust detergent. It is recommended to wear gloves. Wash the whole area by section using the mop with the detergent.

Step 4

Prepare a mix of water and detergent and put into a sprayer and spray around the area.

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